Insurance & Reinsurance

With a broad number of attorneys dedicated to insurance and reinsurance law matters, Durukan offers the insurance industry an unsurpassed breadth and depth of experience in navigating the many challenges that inevitably arise. We understand those challenges as our lawyers practiced them for years. We understand the complexities and interrelationships inherent to an industry that assumes in one way or another, most of the financial risks of an increasingly global society.

Our Insurance & Reassurance Team consists of attorneys, claims handlers and settlement professionals. Our experience spans all of the major industry segments including non-life, life, health, property-casualty and all of the lines of commercial insurance, reinsurance, captives, runoffs and SPVs. This collective experience has taught us the value of understanding business of insurance as well as law and its regulations. Our fields of play include courts and arbitrations, agencies and legislatures, bankruptcies, and internal and external investigations. Our practice pays as much attention to preventing problems as to resolving them when they arise.

We offer a talented team of lawyers specifically dedicated to the representation of the insurance industry in all its facets and variations. We believe that our team along with its colleagues can draw from its closely affiliated practice areas within the firm.