Shipping & Transports Law

The transport of goods is an industry which, by its very nature, is international to a significant extent, and where the carrier’s responsibility is governed by international rules and agreements and crucially important for Turkey as an economy driven by export of goods.

Durukan is one of few Turkish law firms that offer full-service legal advice on all aspects of transport and shipping, including transports sector M&A, transports law dispute resolution, ship finance, new builds chartering, insurance, flagging, fleet management and disputes. Possessing cutting-edge legal expertise within this area is one thing, but our expertise also comes from working in this industry on a daily basis. We know what problems arise, and we know how to solve them. Our experience as advisors in shipping and transport and our expertise in the field are widely recognized.

We offer legal advice on all types of transport related legal issues, which includes maritime transport, road transport and forwarding, rail transport, air transport and logistics (3PL). In addition, we frequently advise on transport law insurance matters. Our expertise includes all sorts of transportation related dispute resolution matters as well as transactional issues such as sale and purchase of ships, ship registration and finance.