What COVID-19 Introduced to Turkish Insurance Legislation?

Mahmut Barlas / Banking and Finance

Since February 2020, different measures and restrictions is being implemented by the Turkish government to control the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect public health while sustaining the continuity of businesses.

Similar to nearly all of the globe, the Turkish government first imposed restrictions on flights to eastern countries, specifically to China being the first in February. This flight restriction was followed by another 71 countries in March. In addition to flight restrictions, certain restrictions were imposed for ground travelling in April as entrances and departures to and from 31 cities, including 30 metropolitan cities, were completely banned for 15 days.

Since mid-March, the Turkish government banned access to most of the cultural and social activities and imposed a curfew for those that are older than 65 years old and younger than 20 years old. This restriction became a policy for all age groups in mid-April and official curfews were ordered for citizens during the weekends, which is still the case in January 2021.

Insurance industry is one of the industries that has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as vast majority of the insurance contracts do not cover losses arising out transmissible diseases, insurance did not become a primary goal of most of the business in contrary to cost controlling measures.

The coverages for COVID-19 related losses under certain insurance contracts like business interruption, employer’s liability, D&O become a matter of discussion in Turkey. In addition to those, certain insurance needs like cyber and health insurance have become clearer.

Our Partner Mahmut Barlas and Associate Çağdaş Altinova explained the legislative changes and the impact of COVID-19 on Turkish insurance contracts for the International Bar Association.

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