Construction & Real Estate

Durukan handles all stages and types of real estate transactions and investments, including planning, structuring, due diligence, negotiating, financing, leasing or disposing of properties, real estate holding vehicles or secured real estate claims, as well as assisting in related litigation. The practice prepares feasibility studies, legal due diligence reports and comprehensive transaction structuring including real estate taxation, as well as drafting and negotiating sale and purchase or lease agreements and managing tendering procedures.

Bringing devotion to its strategy and execution, our attorneys have extensive experience with complex commercial property acquisitions, major construction and development projects, co-ownership arrangements and leases.

İşçi İşveren İlişkisinde İhtiyari Arabuluculuk Süreci

GİRİŞ Alternatif bir uyuşmazlık çözüm yöntemi olan arabuluculuk, 1 Ocak 2018’den itibaren geçerlilik kazanan işçi ve işveren alacaklarına ilişkin 7036 sayılı İş Mahkemeleri Kanunu (“İş Kanunu” veya “Kanun”) çerçevesinde belirli...

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Turkish Zoning Amnesties

Crowded cities and unplanned urbanization have always been plagued Turkey. According to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (the “Ministry”), more than ten million structures in the country violate zoning...

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