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Traffic Police-Related Costs Vs. German Toll Fees

The EU directive 1999/62 imposes on Member States, which maintain tolls on the trans-European road network a precise and unconditional obligation to determine the level of tolls based on infrastructure costs only.

Taking this directive into account, Court of Justice of the European Union resolved against Germany with resolution ECJ 321/19, which overcharged the toll paying haulers by including police related costs to the operational expenses over the years.

Durukan Law Firm, in project-based association with Uluslararası Nakliyeciler Derneği has been recommended as the single point of contact for making administrative submissions and managing the legal collection of overcharged toll fees for the Turkish haulers with the below announcement:

Should you wish further insight about this Project, please contact Mahmut Barlas and Çağdaş Altinova.

Av. Mahmut BarlasAv. Çağdaş Altınova
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